Bending without Breaking

Thirteen Women’s Stories of Migration and Resilience

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“The little boy asked me, “Where are you going, Mother? Can I come?” I did not manage to answer… When I was sitting on the plane, I let all the tears run down my cheeks. I knew that my story was nothing different from millions of mothers and families who left to give their children a better life.”

How did you get to Switzerland? The question was asked of several Filipina migrants gathered one Saturday afternoon. Stories of love and loss, of success and sacrifice, spilled out as each woman recounted their long journey from home into where and who they are now. This book captures 13 such stories, revealing the hope, survival, and endurance that any reader can find encouraging and empowering.

“The book ‘Bending Without Breaking: Thirteen Women’s Stories of Migration and Resilience’ from Switzerland won the Best Book Award. Ms. Annabelle Misa-Hefti, contributor and project manager of the book, accepted the award. … in recognition of their efforts and media works. The awards are testaments for excellence and distinction as government’s valuable partner in mainstreaming and raising public awareness on the various issues on migration.”

The Manila Times

«Das Buch strotzt von Geschichten, die jemand im Kopf behält, um sie noch den Enkeln zu erzählen. Nur dass sich die Autorinnen entschieden haben, den Kreis möglicher Enkelinnen auf Unbekannte zu erweitern, auch Wildfremde können mitfiebern, wenn eine kleine philippinische Folkloregruppe die Rigi erklimmt, um dort im Film ‘Seldwyla ’91” mitzuspielen.»

“…for the authors, sharing their life stories is also a cathartic process, particularly when they are writing about what it means to be “at home.” At one point, we see the flip side of not belonging in a new country—the local community’s positive reception of the migrant’s culture.”